Each curricula is developed with service categories in mind.  These are identified in the Outline for each curricula.  However, each provider is responsible for ensuring the proper service category when providing and billing for the service.  It is also recommended that each curricula be reviewed and edited as you deem necessary to fit the strengths and needs of each particular group.  Thank you.



  • Show Me the Money!:  Beyond Poverty and into Freedom is designed to help participants see the impact that living on benefits has on their lives. Participants will see how living on “benefits only” robs them of numerous freedoms (and they dont even realize it). The course is purposely designed to increase participants’ dissatisfaction with living on benefits, prompting them to look at alternatives and giving them hope that they can work and become employed.
  • MONEY! – A PROS Benefits and Financial Management Curriculum: MONEY is a Benefits and Financial Management (CRS-BFM) service that assists PROS participants in understanding money and their relationship to it. This group is designed as a foundation service which explores basic money management concepts such as needs vs. wants; fixed vs. discretionary costs; creating a money plan (or budget) which covers expenses as well as building a “cushion” (or savings) and avoiding money “traps” such as gambling and retail payment plans. The curriculum attempts to normalize the discomfort people can experience when talking about money matters. It takes a harm-reduction stance regarding spending on substances, gambling and other “costly pleasures”. It is rooted in the belief that financial stability is a critical aspect of the recovery process.
    • Curriculum can be found HERE