What Is PROS?

PROS – Personalized Recovery Oriented Services – is a recovery-oriented rehabilitation program with a treatment component.  It was specifically designed by the NYS OMH to respond to a changing system that was moving away from the traditional mode of treatment that was heavily focused on the ‘medical-model’ of care to a recovery-oriented strengths-based rehabilitation focus.

The change is not subtle.  It is dynamic and requires staff to make a fundamental shift in not only how they practice but in how they THINK.

PROS moves from:

  • An Illness-focus to a Wellness-focus
  • The practitioner as the ultimate expert.  The person receiving services is the Expert in the room.  They know themselves better than any provider can ever hope to know
  • A deficit-based model to a strengths-based model

PROS is:

  • Holistic and integrated to treat the Whole person
  • For people dealing with mental health conditions that cause impairment
  • A program that supports a person in creating and achieving a Life-Role goal that they author
  • A program that relies on evidenced-based practices
  • A rehabilitation program and NOT a clinic program.  It is a rehabilitation program with a clinic component (optional)

How Is PROS Different?

  • PROS is Person-Centered (a participant driven-model)
  • Language – strengths-based and supportive
  • Rehabilitation-focused vs traditional
  • Flexible – services, location and hours
  • Bundling of services – one-stop shop
  • Staff support the person to achieve their goals
  • Staff engages the person to be active in their treatment

PROS Program Components:



PROS Program Services


PROS programs are designed to be comprehensive services which integrate health and mental health to promote a healthier, happier life for all who participate.  PROS programs are licensed by NYS OMH, and deliver a customized array of rehabilitation, treatment, and support services.  Each service may be offered at a community based location or off-site almost anywhere in the local community.  Services are developed using evidenced-based and promising practices.


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PROS Classes vs. Groups

PROS Services can be offered in different modalities, either 1:1 or in groups.  PROS providers often refer to services offered in groups as ‘Classes’ because the mental health field tends to use the term ‘groups’ when referring to ‘group therapy’.  While PROS Services may include ‘group therapy’ not all services delivered in groups are therapy.


Contact OMH for specific questions regarding bundling components and locations of treatment.  Click HERE to view the OMH PROS Overview Webinar.