New York Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services

Who We Are

NYAPRS is a statewide coalition of people who use and/or provide recovery oriented community based behavioral health services. We value difference and promote cultural competence in all aspects of our work.

NYAPRS is dedicated to improving services and social conditions for people with psychiatric disabilities or diagnoses, and those with trauma-related conditions by promoting their recovery, rehabilitation and rights so that all people can participate freely in the opportunities of society.


Accordingly, we act to:


  • Promote the concept and practice of recovery
  • Promote the widespread availability of quality recovery-centered rehabilitation and peer support services throughout New York State
  • Promote the rights of people with psychiatric disabilities in the struggle against stigma and discrimination both within the behavioral health system and in the larger community
  • Promote the right to integrated, competitive employment for people with psychiatric disabilities in the pursuit of economic self-sufficiency.


NYAPRS membership includes over 100 community mental health service agencies that support the efforts of tens of thousands of New Yorkers by providing a wide range of services that share a fundamental belief in the capacity for recovery, healing and independence for every individual with a psychiatric disability.

NYAPRS Services:

System Transformation

Peer Services

Public Policy

Community and Economic Development

Cultural Competency

Our Systems Transformation Division

services_transTransform the Services You Provide, Energize Your Workforce, Inspire the People You Serve!

Each of the NYAPRS Systems Transformation Division’s initiatives aim to engage systems, organizations and professionals in the discernment, valuing and practice of the principles of recovery, rehabilitation and rights by creating a learning environment that challenges mind set, strengthens skills and builds a foundation for recovery through the partnering of practitioners and people receiving services.  For more information contact Ruth Colón-Wagner @


 Our Peer Services Division

NYAPRS Peer Services

The NYAPRS Peer Services division is based on the simple principle that all people, regardless of psychiatric disability or trauma-related condition have the capacity to recover and that all people should be afforded the opportunity to try.

Through a set of programs located throughout NYS and NYC, peers are partnered with individuals in services to offer a unique opportunity at successful recovery.  For additional information or to request training and technical assistance, please contact Tanya Stevens, Deputy Director at 518-436-0008 or

Public Policy Division

NYAPRS is proud of our numerous accomplishments in areas of NYS Public Policy, Federal Policy, Legislative Day, and the annual creation of Advocacy Priorities.  For more information on our public policy activities, contact Tom Templeton, Public Policy Specialist, at


Community and Economic Development

The Division of Community and Economic Development has the goal of promoting the employment, economic self-sufficiency, and social inclusion of individuals with psychiatric diagnoses and disabilities in New York State. Unemployment, poverty and social exclusion are critical barriers to the recovery and rehabilitation of individuals with psychiatric disabilities. More than 80% are unemployed, almost 40% live in poverty, and a large number live socially excluded from fulfilling jobs and careers, decent and safe housing, and meaningful community relationships. Indeed, many of the problems in our communities have more to do with our economic and social exclusion than our diagnoses. Therefore, helping our communities overcome unemployment, poverty and social exclusion must be a priority.  For more information about community and economic development projects and opportunities for people with psychiatric disabilities, please contact Len Statham, at or 585-490-3979.


Cultural Competency

NYAPRS is committed to ensuring that all of its services and initiatives are culturally and linguistically competent. Through advocacy, we seek to eliminate the health care disparities that frequently leave the most marginalized populations in peril. We actively use community education and technical assistance as tools to provide agencies with the knowledge needed to create organizations that embody the principles of recovery, rehabilitation, and rights for all.

The Cultural Competence Committee

In addition to the work done through our advocacy, technical assistance, and initiatives, our commitment to cultural competence is realized through the organizing and efforts of our Cultural Competence Committee. The Committee is a statewide coalition of New Yorkers who use and or provide recovery-centered, community-based, publicly funded mental health services dedicated to promoting the integrated delivery of culturally competent behavioral health services throughout New York State.

Through forums, committee meetings, and special events, the Cultural Competence Committee acts to:

  • Promote the integration of the concepts, values, principles and practice of cultural competence
  • Promote the widespread availability of culturally competent behavioral health services throughout New York State
  • Promote the rights of people with psychiatric disabilities and advocate for the elimination of health care disparities