If you are interested offering these free, evidence-based health promotion and disease prevention programs wellness programs, visit the Quality and Technical Assistance Center (QTAC) at the University at Albany to learn more:  https://www.ceacw.org/health-and-wellness-programs.

  • Active Living Every Day (ALED) The ALED program helps less active people with or without arthritis to become and stay physically active by incorporating physical activity into their everyday lives. Developed by researchers at the Cooper Institute, ALED is a 12-week program that meets in small group sessions for one hour per week. Participants do not engage in exercise during the program sessions; instead, they learn different ways to increase their physical activity and make it part of their daily routine. This information is used to make personal decisions about the type, frequency, intensity and amount of exercise that is suitable for each participant.

ALED topics include: Addressing challenges and barriers to physical activity, setting realistic activity goals, time management, developing social support systems.

  • Walk With Ease

Specifically developed for people with arthritis, this Arthritis Foundation program is also appropriate for people without arthritis, especially those with diabetes, heart disease and other chronic conditions, who want to become more active. Beginners to the physically fit can benefit – the only pre-requisite is the ability to be on your feet for at least 10 minutes without increased pain.

Individuals use the Walk With Ease Guidebook and walk on their own 3 times per week for at least six weeks. Additional resources are available online to guide participants through the program, including walking tips and tricks, video instruction for stretching and strengthening exercises and message boards for communicating with other participants.

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