PROS Component: IR

PROS Service: IDDT


Course Overview: This evidence-based class is structure to focus on 5 central ideas: 1. Safety as the priority of this first-stage class; 2. Integrated recovery of trauma w/substance abuse and mental health; 3. A focus on ideals; 4. Three content areas: Cognitive, Behavioral, and Interpersonal; and 5. Attention to counselor processes.

“Safety” is an umbrella term that signifies various elements: Discontinuing substance use and other addiction manifestations, reducing suicidality, minimizing exposure to HIV (and other) risk(s), letting go of dangerous relationships (such as domestic abuse and drug-using ‘friends’), gaining control over extreme symptoms (such as dissociation), and stopping self-harm behaviors (such as cutting). ‘Seeking Safety’ refers to helping participants free themselves from such negative behaviors and, in so doing, to move toward freeing themselves from trauma at a deep emotional level.

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IR:IDDT St. Mary’s ‘Seeking Safety’