NYAPRS is proud to support the PROS Community with curricula developed by NYAPRS specifically for PROS providers working with individuals on their Independent Living goals.  These curricula are specifically designed to assist people living in Adult Homes and State Psychiatric Centers who are participating in your PROS programs.  The focus of these curricula is to assist the people you work with to increase their confidence and their skills to live independently in the community.


Through NYS Office of Mental Health funding, NYAPRS will assist PROS programs in two ways:

  1. Develop curricula for the Adult Home population attending PROS programs.

  2. Provide the administrative infrastructure to process your Encounter Visit Payments.

Over the course of the next few years, NYAPRS will use this website to upload and house the curricula created for this project.  The curricula are at no cost to you and we encourage you to review and implement as many as you like.  Our curricula fall into the following categories:


Each category will have a number of curricula designed to support the person to increase their skills in each area of focus.



Each curriculum will be uploaded to this page and we will send a notification email to everyone who registers with this website.  If you have yet to register, please go to the Home Page and register.  It is free of charge and will provide you with complete access to the curricula designed for this project as well as access to the rest of our Curricula Library.

Additional curricula will be uploaded continuously so we recommend you check back often.

NYS Office of Mental Health 

The following resources were generated by OMH to aid you in this project.  For questions and concerns, please contact OMH at pros@omh.ny.gov


OMH Encounter Payments Memo

Sample PROS Outreach Contact Note

AH PC Encounter Invoice

Semi-Annual Report

List of Housing Contractors for AH Initiative

The OMH recorded webinar for this initiative can be found HERE