Every month, NYAPRS identifies a PROS program to showcase their excellence in recovery and rehabilitation.  Here you will find program descriptions and the curricula that support it.

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This month’s PROS PROVIDER is:

April 2017

 The Mental Health Association of Rockland has a 65 year history of providing outstanding services to more than 50,000 Rockland residents since our inception in 1951. We have grown from a grassroots organization, to the premier provider of behavioral health services in the community, engaging more than 4,000 individuals annually. We consistently strive to improve the quality of life for those affected by mental health and/or substance use issues. We offer a vast array of therapeutic services, with most programs offered in people’s homes, schools, and workplaces. Our operational principles include passion, commitment, innovation, collaboration, and fiscal responsibility.

Noteworthy in our evolution is our ability to develop and implement new and needed services in Rockland, our broad and enduring partnerships, and our financial sustainability, culminating in the purchase of a 22,000 square foot building in Valley Cottage in 2010. Here, and in our community based sites, we work tirelessly to connect people, educate families, and rebuild lives. For our staff of 200 employees, this work is not a job, but a calling. We are committed to serving those who need us most and contributing to Rockland County’s bright future.

Sylvia Wright and Naja Vessels

The PROS Program at MHA Rockland has been in operation for almost 5 years. We have a capacity to serve 230 clients. We are staffed with Psychiatrists, DNP, RN’s Clinical Social Workers, LMHC and Group Workers.  We have a Director and an Assistant director to help with the day to day operations. Most recently we added a Clinical Supervisor who manages our Intern program.   Our program offers a variety of classes to help our members overcome the obstacles that they are facing. We offer program Monday through Saturday and a late night program on Thursday that we  have named, “Home Base”.

Over the last several years we have increased our focus on mental health and physical health.  We have implemented several programs such  as  Managing Chronic Illness, Understanding My Diagnosis and a very robust Smoking Cessation program.  In 2016 we implemented a program to both encourage regular medical visits and improved communication between primary care physicians and the PROS Team.


Smoking Cessation Project

The Smoking Cessation project as illustrated by our process begins at Intake. We complete an assessment to determine if our new member smokes as well as their motivation to minimally reduce their smoking intake.  We offer classes that focus on smoking but also include a healthy lifestyle component. We cover eating healthy well balanced meals, as well as exercise rest and medical visits to our smoking cessation classes.  This gives our members a better understanding as to why smoking isn’t helpful to them, their bodies and also their families.  We celebrate success by acknowledging smoking reduction, improved focus on healthy eating and or exercise as movement toward the goal.

The smoking cessation project team consists of:

Naja Vessels – Project Lead

Miriam Bobroff, LCSW, Clinician

Sheila Devlin-Craane, DNP

Sylvia Wright, LCSW- Director


  • Smoking Cessation/Education Process with Screening Tool – can be found HERE
  • Complete Tobacco Education Curriculum with Resources and Handouts – Part I can be found HERE
  • Complete Tobacco Education Curriculum with Resources and Handouts – Part II can be found HERE
  • Complete Tobacco Education Curriculum with Resources and Handouts – Part III can be found HERE

NYAPRS is very happy to present to you the excellent work done by MHA of Rockland County.  Their Smoking Cessation project is an example of an exemplary multidisciplinary team effort to design, create and implement this program-wide effort to help members find health and wellness.  If you have any questions regarding their Smoking Cessation project or their program in general, please contact their Director, Sylvia Wright at   wrights@mharockland.org


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