Every month, NYAPRS identifies a PROS program to showcase their excellence in recovery and rehabilitation.  Here you will find program descriptions and the curricula that support it.

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This month’s PROS PROVIDER is:



The Role of Consumers in contributing to the success of the SVW PROS Program!

As the Saint Vincent’s Westchester PROS program has developed, types of roles for people to contribute to the PROS program and feel responsible and empowered for their own recovery progress have also been evolving. Since the campus is not close to any business or recreation area, people need activities to keep them occupied between their scheduled groups/individual sessions. The PROS Planning group, working collaboratively with the Program Director, takes a significant responsibility in creating the activities. The following activities are currently or in the past been organized by program participants: seasonal sports, morning walks, sewing, Wii Games, arts and crafts, current events, and calendar art. Activity groups run by participants that are more along the lines of peer support include: Family Support, Drama, CBT, Hopes/Dreams/Aspirations, Positively Positive, Bullying and Mental Health, Wellness Self-Management, Economic Self-Sufficiency and AA Principles. To build/practice skills and confidence there are volunteer opportunities available in the Recreation Center, Library, Computer Center, Café and Clothes Loft.

To celebrate September Recovery Month, we have an annual Recovery Recognition Ceremony followed by lunch and this past year, we added a carnival. The major part of the work to make this annual event meaningful and a real success is done in the PROS Planning. This event is always attended by a large number of people and we get feedback that it is a truly inspiring event letting the community know that recovery is possible.

I have attached the PROS Planning group protocol, Hopes/Dreams/Aspirations protocol and curriculum, both created by Peer Specialists. The Bullying and Mental Health curriculum I have attached was created by a participant.

Opportunities for Consumers to contribute to the SVW PROS Program:

  • Program participants lead an activity or volunteer in one of the activity areas if it is part of their recovery plan.
  • Non program individuals can become Hospital Volunteers and lead a group for which they have particular skill or interest.
  • Peer Specialist interns can work in a variety of areas based on their interest level: reception desk, lead a group, work in the recreation center or clothes loft or café or computer center.
  • Paid Employees: 1) Activity Leader and Receptionist. Monitor and lead leisure activities in the recreation center. Receptionist responsibilities include ensuring that all participants sign in and out, remind participants about MD appointments or any other daily information, and welcome people to the program then direct them to the appropriate office. 2) Certified Peer Specialist: provides engagement services, plans and supervises special events, brings in community speakers, supervises volunteers and/or particular work areas.

Jane DeSouza, Program Director


Curricula that support their work is:

  1. St. Vincents PROS Planning Protocol
  2. St. Vincent’s PROS Group Protocol for Hopes, Dreams & Aspirations
  3. St. Vincent’s PROS Black Ribbon Campaign


NYAPRS is please to highlight the work of St. Vincent’s Westchester PROS. Jane DeSouza, the Director, and her team have worked to build up activities created by and for program participants. They have provided protocols for: Hopes, Dreams, Aspirations, Planning Activity, and a Black Ribbon Campaign. As always, if you have any questions regarding their program or would like to request resources used in creating these protocols, please reach out to Jane DeSouza directly. Her email is jdesouza@svwsjmc.org


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