Every month, NYAPRS identifies a PROS program to showcase their excellence in recovery and rehabilitation.  Here you will find program descriptions and the curricula that support it.  If you are interested in sharing with us the special work your program is doing, please see the information at the end of this webpage.


This month’s PROS PROVIDER is:


Samantha Kleinman, LCSW-R

PROS Director

The Gathering Place PROS Program is a goal focused day program that focuses on Personalized Recovery Oriented Services where adults with mental illness actively participate in skill development in the areas of employment, housing, education, wellness, and improving their health as they work toward community integration.

The Gathering Place PROS program utilizes a geriatric concentration. These groups are for members aged 50+ and above that focus on maintaining health and wellness, issues of depression and aging, and community resources.

We also have Peer Advisory council where consumers participate in a weekly council meeting to promote empowerment and advocacy as means to assist in reducing stigma, advocacy for rights and promoting growth and change in the mental health system. Consumers have initiated a recycling committee, planned program events, developed a newsletter and held monthly “town hall” meetings to address all program consumers of the current activities occurring within the PROS program.

The PROS program also has a peer run store. All participants have the opportunity to volunteer in our PROS store. Consumers are engaged in application and interview process, learn how to use cash register, take inventory, gain customer services skills and more. The PROS store is a unique opportunity to gain skills to assist in future employment endeavors.



This group will focus on anger management and how to control one’s inner Hulk. This group will focus on anger meditation, mindfulness, and coping strategies that can be used to combat the negative things one usually does when they are angry. Anger is actually a positive emotion that needs to be felt, but the actions can often be negative without the right tools to help process the anger and the rage that can often come with it. This group enables clients to be mindful of their anger while learning to process it and talk about it instead of acting out in negative ways that can often hurt them, and the people around them.


This class is based on no particular religion. Participants will discuss and learn how to cope with problems by applying spiritual principles to their lives. Members will identify how they use spirituality as a means to their recovery.


Members of this group will be educated on mental health diagnoses, triggers, and coping strategies related in order to improve quality of life and avoid decompensation and relapse.


MHANC has supported the Clearinghouse by providing us with 3 ingenious curricula that are popular with their members:

  1. Even the Hulk Got Therapy can be found HERE
  2. Spirituality can be found HERE
  3. Managing My Mental Health Symptoms can be found HERE


If you have any questions regarding the work MHANC is doing or more specific information about their curriculua, please contact their director, Samantha Kleinman directly at: skleinman@mhanc.org


What about YOUR Program?

If you are interested in sharing with us the special work your program is doing, contact us and provide information about your program and what specifically you are interested in us showcasing.

Send an email to:

Ruth Colón-Wagner, LMSW

Director of Training and Development